Saturday, 9 May 2009

A Perfect Fourth of July Dress

A selection of Dresses to wear on any Fourth of July celebration - picnic, family dinner, hometown parade... you name it! :)

Red Nautical Style Dress by Biscotti.
Available at for $58.00.

Pieced Stripe Dress by Janie and Jack.
Available at for $ 48.00.

Evette Striped Dress by Ralph Lauren.
Available at for $ 45.00.

Stars and Stripes Dress by Gymboree.
Available at for $ 29.75.

Star-Print Jersey Dresses by Old Navy.
Available at for $ 14.50.

I know, this is usually all about Dresses... but i had to add this one outfit, cause its super cute :)

Stars and Stripes Top and Capris by Me Me Me (Lipstick). Available at for $ 60.00.

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