Saturday, 27 February 2010

FEBRUARY Special - Tutu Swimsuit!

well, my obsession with them started when i first saw a picture of three girls hugging each other in Pink Tutu Swimsuits by Kate Mack - Love from the First Sight! :)

This spring, Kate Mack created more TDF styles and other brands came up with their own version of a tutu swimsuit in this seasons hottest color - Yellow!

1. Tutu Ballerina Swimsuit in Yellow by Kate Mack, for $ 60;
2. Tulle Swimsuit  from Impression of Spring line by Janie & Jack, for $ 32;
3. Tutu Skirted Swimsuit w Roses by Kate Mack, for $ 64;
4. Ruffled Tutu Swimsuit in Yellow by Old Navy, only for $ 16.50!

Best Dressed Child boutique has a great selection of Kate Mack Swimwear!

Happy Shopping :)

1 comment:

  1. Target also has them for $9.99! I've seen them in pink and cute :)